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Bad examples:

I couldn't get my Nexus 7 build working!
Build has broken wifi.

Good examples:

Grouper_Info: The kernel source code is actually located at, not
--Fattire (talk) 07:38, 8 December 2012 (UTC)
Install_CM_for_fireball: The button combination to enter the bootloader is Volume Down + Power, not Mash all buttons rapidly.
--Matt Mower (talk) 16:31, 17 February 2014 (UTC)

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The Nexus7 2012 wifi installation guide still uses CWM instead of TWRP for the recovery rom when it might not work properly any more esp with gapps I think. Dimok 28 April 2015

PLEASE update the CyanogenMod update page for sony devices!!! i spent 3 hours and thought i lost my phone because the instructions were incomplete!! the recovery menu for cyanogenmod 12 (at least for sony users) is lacking many menus that are used in the instructions!! also you have to switch your phone to usb mass storage mode instead of MTP, otherwise the adb will NOT recognize it i had to move the files to the sd manually then insert it on the phone and install from sd cards, since i couldnt boot the phone into the stock OS and could no longer switch the usb connection method. --Gustavo Hylander (talk) 16:54, 19 March 2015 (UTC)

I had a "error: device not found" issue when trying to push Cyanogenmod on my Moto G using clockworkmod recovery. After some research, I found out (here: that Windows users need to install adb drivers first for the pc to detect the device with adb (when wanting to do a push, for instance). I installed the universal drivers and it worked fine ( You'll probably want to add these details to this wiki page:

Raging Buddha 11 April 2015

Instructions on how to root a Defy 525, there is no advice on what to do if the exploit fails repeatedly. The instructions simply say to repeat the process but is there anything that can be done if one cannot get the '#' prompt after repeating steps 4 and 5?

gdesilva 04 March 2015 

-- Install_CM_for_mako The md5 sum for the mako recovery image is declared to be something different from what it is.

--Dan Jones (talk) 13:21, 1 March 2015 (UTC) Install_CM_for_klte
Section: Installing a custom recovery on Galaxy S5
The "Note: Flashing with heimdall" section has information on unloading kernel drivers under MacOSX in the event of a "ERROR: Claiming interface failed" message, but does not mention anything about how to solve in Linux. This issue can be resolved with:

 modprobe -r cdc_acm
 modprobe -r visor

The downloadlink for Linux files at Install_CM_for_spyder is dead. --Aasami (talk) 21:59, 21 February 2015 (UTC)

I had two major issues with the howto:

First, Heimdall wasn't playing nice with Linux. I found a solution here: which was to install the following: libusb-ocaml, libdevice-usb-perl, libhpmud0, libusb-0.1-4, libusb-1.0-0, libusb-1.0-0-dev, libusb-dev, libusbprog-dev, libusb++0.1-4c2, libusb++-dev, libusbtc08-1, libusbmuxd-dev, libusbprog0 I'm not sure they're all necessary, but they did the trick.

Second, because my phone was encrypted before I started, I was unable to push files with ADB ("Permission denied"), and unable to mount the SD cards ("Not found", "Error", "Couldn't be mounted", etc.) This is because CWM 5.8 (the version in the image linked to in this howto)cannot handle encryption. Late versions can (after 6.0.1 I think?). I wasn't able to flash a .zip file (I could only flash image files), so couldn't use the files from the CWM website, instead I found a customised CWM here: which offers version 6.0.5 in an .img file, which was what I needed to flash with Heimdall. The link is in post #3: If you go to that link and step through to the N7000 files, you'll find this direct link to a .zip file: take recovery.img out of the zip, this is the CWM image file you should flash with Heimdall/Odin if you need to handle encryption. Once I'd flashed this CWM image, I formatted all locations listed in the "Mount" page, and could then mount and use storage/sdcard0/ without any trouble.

Flashing with heimdall doesn't work with --no-reboot option. Instead flash device with

sudo heimdall flash --RECOVERY recovery.img

and press Volume Up - Home when blue the blue transfer bar appears on the device. Do not disconnect your device USB connection to PC

(Tested with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) --Mgw (talk) 18:55, 2 February 2015 (UTC)

The downloadlink for the recovery image at Install_CM_for_tf300t is dead. Pir264 (talk) 15:38, 25 January 2015 (UTC)

I'm unable to download any of the images (stable/nightly) for Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro mentioned at I get Phyton errors when trying to get the stable version and a 404 when trying to get the nightly build(s) --lbs (talk) 20:47, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

The Clockwork Mod recovery image download link is not accessable via ([1]/). It is listed on install CM Galaxy Note 8.0 ([2]), and should be changed to a download link that actually works. On the ClockworkMod ROM page ([3]) referenced by the page, I could not find a download for the Galaxy Note 8.0. I don't know if I can use a similar alternative, like the Galaxy S3, or Galaxy Tab 10.1. I'm a newbie though, and I don't want to risk it. I couldn't find any alternative download links, but I haven't really looked hard yet.

In short, I can't download the file. It needs an alternative download link (maybe a torrent magnet?) --Mike Chase (talk) 19:13, 27 December 2014 (UTC)

[Installs for Jem - Need to copy CM zip to device BEFORE the fastboot flashes occur] Step 3 gets you to fastboot flash 3 files, and then the next step is to copy the CM zip to the device. But now that the flashes have occurred, the Kindle no longer appear as a USB device, and "adb devices" doesn't show it as a device, so you can't even sideload the file.

I now have a device that I can boot into recovery, but nothing else !!?? --Sweatyrich (talk) 23:27, 12 December 2014 (UTC)

Section: Installing a custom recovery on Galaxy S5
Step 7: The command you need to type is missing.--Stahlkocher (talk) 09:49, 25 October 2014 (UTC)

Following page:
"How to Install CyanogenMod on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (International LTE) ("serranoltexx")"

Contains nonworking link for custom recovery. Please search for:
"" which is a link to:
Clicking link results to "not found" page. I have tried multiple times during several weeks.

--Repec (talk) 09:20, 9 October 2014 (UTC)

Upon trying to save a translation in the translation tool, I always get an alert informing me that the save has failed. This happened while trying to translate in italian the untranslated portions of the pages Community and About, with both Google Chrome and IE11. --Tre3qwerty (talk) 19:54, 19 September 2014 (UTC)

Install_CM_for_i9100#Installing_a_custom_recovery_on_Galaxy_S_II codeworkx's Recovery: cwmr6047.img link does not take to download link. The location in the flashing image is not clear: where is zImage? zImage is not a file but the folder of the zip. After step 4 recommend removing battery and reinserting it. After blue line is full is it OK to turn off? Step 10 boots into Yellow exclamation mark even if just shutdown, remove battery and do volume up home power. This seems to be recovery failure. --Amunizp (talk) 05:31, 19 September 2014 (UTC)

Install CM for tsubasa Section Installing CyanogenMod on Sony Devices, point 4 It says: "While the device reboots, press the Volume rockers a few times to load recovery." That's missleading. It should be Enter the recovery mode by turning on the phone while holding down the volume down button. --Royalpain (talk) 04:50, 14 September 2014 (UTC)

Install_CM_for_d710 says
heimdall flash --kernel zImage --no-reboot

Tip: The file may not be named identically to what's in this command. If the file is wrapped in a zip or tar file, extract the file first, because heimdall isn't going to do it for you.

Note: this device has an initramfs recovery, meaning recovery is actually packaged inside a kernel image. Substitute the filename of the kernel/recovery combo that you downloaded in place of zImage above.

the epic 4g touch touch recovery


















please clarify what to specify in the flash command. i tried specifying the whole zip, or the sbin/recovery, either leaves me with a soft brick. atm i'm googling for a d710 heimdall unbrick tutorial( is also unclear as to what to specify to flash). --Gregrwm (talk) 20:56, 11 September 2014 (UTC)

This issue was reported by NateBroChill: A listing of model numbers that hlte supports is missing from the info page. See SGS3FAQ for example.--Matt Mower (talk) 00:04, 27 July 2014 (UTC)

This issue was reported by Skyler827: Install_CM_for_huashan: If you can't install the drivers for Fastboot mode, see the second answer to this question:

^ Driver install instructions in the wiki for many devices would be a good idea (including bootloader/fastboot and recovery mode). --Matt Mower (talk) 23:55, 26 July 2014 (UTC)

Everything older than 25 July 2014 moved to JIRA: PsychoI3oy (talk) 20:03, 25 July 2014 (UTC)

You need to *hold down* "Vol Down & Home & Power" until the Warning!! screen appears, and then press Vol Up

Zadig has to be run graphically as windows administrator, not from the command line

There is no Replace Driver button at first, you need to press Install Driver first? But that doesn't always work, you have to press it a few times?

"A blue transfer bar will appear on the device showing the recovery being transferred." There is no such bar. It just says "Downloading", but it works.

Need to hold Vol Up and Home and Power until "recovery booting" shows on screen, and then let go. Holding down the power button powers off the phone, but does not boot into recovery. You need to let go of the power button briefly after it has powered off and then keep pressing it and it will boot into recovery in 3 seconds. If you just hold the buttons down it will go black and stay that way.

HOLY FUCK DID THIS WIPE my "internal SD card" and CWM didn't include it in the backup?? I had pictures on that!

Oh phew they're in /mnt/shell/emulated. I was worried because /mnt/sdcard was replaced by some stock empty thing and I couldn't find the files!

I cannot translate this page: I want to change "Translations:Community/3/ko" into this

어디에서 질문이 가능한가 (또한 다른 사람들을 만나는가)

--병현 전 (talk)

[[4]Install_CM_on_Samsung_Galaxy_S] I was not able to connect to my device: Samsung Galaxy S, while in CWM.It was Semaphore 2.4.7. It always shows the device is offline, when I try to connect witch adb. So I were not able to get the .zip file on the SD-Card an could not follow the instructions in the wiki. My Solution to this Problem was to transfer the .zip file on the SD-Card before flashing. Then I was able to install the .zip-file in CWM.

--R Sch (talk) 08:26, 15 October 2014 (UTC)

Template:Recovery install fastboot

might want to warn that the user might see

 mismatched partition size

at step 6, but that this is OK (or at least it was for me; Moto G ["Falcon"])

Template:Install CM from Recovery

might warn that, if heeding the advice to Backup, Clockwork might say

 Error while backing up boot parition

I had to back up to Mounts and Storage and

 format /data and /data/media (/sdcard)

after which the backup worked for me (Moto G ["Falcon"])

Template:device d2lte or Install_CM_for_d2lte

page displays this

<p style="font-size:110%; color:#333;">WARNING: Verizon variant</p>

The d2vzw variant cannot follow these installation instructions. For this variant, reference the device-specific installation instructions: Install_CM_for_d2vzw

I have a Samsung Galaxy S iii (USA version wireless version purchased in early 2013) and Ignored this warning while installing CyanogenMod 11. I had one problem during the install of the recovery. When installing the recovery with heimdall there was no immediate feedback from the device but, it did work. The only thing that gave me any feedback from ODIN mode was when I restarted back into ODIN mode it incremented the number of times that I had installed a custom rom.

tl;dr remove the warning it is not valid anymore. Add note about loading bar not being present when flashing recovery rom. --Wobbol (talk) 07:24, 6 December 2014 (UTC)

Typo on page: "If all has gone well, then your device should now be in recovery. (No need to do step #3 below in the installation process)" should be #4, it's a bit confusing to have a wrong number.

The page points to the following link for p1-ltn-p1l-zImage with 8d7fa1f49fdc3e678e746ad64e37a9cc md5sum : says the md5sum is 1f223b7f00a24a013a296c48c13db4dd. I downloaded the file and confirmed this is the md5, but couldn't make it work on my P1000L device. I tried the P1000 zImage, and it booted to CWM recover, but couldn't make flashed CM 9.0.0 for P1l work.