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Xoom (CDMA) Specifications
Codename: stingray
Also known as: MZ600
Vendor: Motorola
Release Date: 2011 March
Carrier: Verizon
Type: tablet
CDMA freq: CDMA1900 (BC14), CDMA1700/2100 (BC15)
LTE freq: 700 MHz
Platform: NVIDIA Tegra 2 250 T20
CPU: 1 GHz dual-core ARMv7
Weight: 730 g
Dimensions: 249 x 167.8 x 12.9 mm
Screen dimension: 257 mm (10.1 in)
Resolution: 1280x800
Internal Storage: 30GB
SD Card: up to 32GB
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Wi-Fi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
Main camera: 5 MP
Secondary camera: 1.9 MP
Power: built-in battery
CM Support: 10, 10.1


The first Android Honeycomb-based tablet, manufactured by Motorola. As a Google Experience Device, the Xoom served as Google's reference tablet until the expansion of the Nexus line to include tablets. The Verizon Xoom launched with 3G CDMA support only, with a later hardware upgrade to support 4G LTE.

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Special boot modes

  • Recovery: Reboot by holding Volume Up & Power. When the Motorola splash shows up wait 3 seconds and press Down. Press Up to confirm enter recovery mode.

Known Issues

To see a list of known issues, or to submit an issue, visit the Known Issues page for the Xoom (CDMA).

Find help online

You may find assistance with the Xoom (CDMA) on Internet Relay Chat or on the CyanogenMod forums.


The following people are maintainers for this device: TDR, Steady Hawkin

Additional Info / Downloads

Files are provided for archival purposes and are not supported by CM. The un-upgraded 3G CDMA Xoom and the successors to the Xoom (Motorola Xyboard/Xoom 2) are not supported.

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