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G1 Specifications
Codename: dream_sapphire
Also known as: Sapphire, MyTouch 3G, Rogers HTC Magic, DoCoMo HT-03A
Vendor: HTC
Release date: 2008 October 22 (USA)
2009 February 5 (AUS)
2009 February 21 (SINGAPORE)
2009-06-0 (CAN)
Type: phone
Platform: Qualcomm MSM7201A
CPU: 528 MHz single-core Qualcomm
RAM: 192MB
Screen size: 81 mm (3.2 in)
Resolution: 480x320
Internal storage: 256MB
SD Card: up to 16GB
Bluetooth: 2.0+EDR
Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g
Power: 1150 mAh internal rechargeable removable lithium-ion battery
Peripherals: capacitive touchscreen display, QWERTY keyboard, trackball, volume controls, 3-axis accelerometer
CM supported: 6
Latest CM version: froyo

Note: Support Status

This device does not support the latest official release of CyanogenMod. This may be due to hardware limitations or simply because development is ongoing. The most recent version supported is based on the froyo branch of CyanogenMod.


The HTC Dream is a slider touchscreen smartphone manufactured by HTC. The HTC Dream is also marketed as the T-Mobile G1 in multiple markets and the Era G1 in Poland. Official CyanogenMod support for the HTC Dream was added in CyanogenMod 3.1.

The HTC Magic (aka Sapphire) is a touchscreen smartphone manufactured by HTC. It is known as the T-Mobile myTouch 3G in the USA, the Rogers HTC Magic in Canada, and the DoCoMo HT-03A in Japan. Its hardware (RAM, processor, internal storage) are fundamentally identical to the HTC Dream, but the Magic gives up the physical keyboard in favor of a touchscreen version and it has larger storage memory (512 MB). As a result it is somewhat smaller, lighter and sleeker than the Dream. Official CyanogenMod support for the HTC Magic was added in CyanogenMod 3.1.

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How to install CyanogenMod on the G1

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How to build CyanogenMod for the G1

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Known Issues

To see a list of known issues, or to submit an issue, visit the Known Issues page for the G1.

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You may find assistance with the G1 on Internet Relay Chat or on the CyanogenMod forums.

Additional Info / Downloads

Files are provided for archival purposes and are not supported by CM.


  • (European Dreams)
    md5: 270894ab56bdaacf5d3585aff534be2b
  • (US Dreams)
    md5: faf0db41d28daf1cefefc7be0fceb55c
  • (Rogers/Orange Dreams ONLY)
    md5: a7bc6f7724e0e4e77e03de08effe8c0d


  • 1.33.2005 (Engineering SPL/DangerSPL)
    md5: 2112b7df6ed9d0a56897ac23b0399bb5

Stock Firmware


This guide is provided for legacy purposes with no current support.

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