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Intro: Adding a new app to the build

So after completing a build, people have been asking how to add their own app(s) to the CyanogenMod .zip file.

The "easy" way-- Add it to the zip manually

One way to do this is to simply add the .apk into the .zip and then edit the recovery installation script (written in a simple scripting language called "edify") to copy the file from the .zip to the device.

The "right" way: Make a part of the build repository so it auto-builds

Add app source to /packages/apps

You can do this manually, or you can do it via the .repo/local_manifests/*.xml. If you do it this way, a repo sync will update the source to your app from whatever git repository you name in the local manifest. It's pretty easy to use, and allows you to override/replace/add/remove any official CM repository with one or more of your own.

Determine the name of the project from

Regardless of how you put the source in packages/apps/, assuming that the source for the app has an Makefile, you can get it to automatically build and install the resulting file in your $OUT directory (and thus your .zip) by simply determining the name of the project, which is typically defined in with this:


Add the project to (or whatever .mk) in the device folder

Then just add that project to be built in the /device/[MANUFACTURER]/[CODENAME]/ file.


Let's look at the grouper device aka the Nexus 7. You want to find where the list of packages to build is for this device, in device/asus/grouper/


For the nexus 7, the file is shared with the tilapia device (the Nexus 7 GSM version), so if you're building for another device that doesn't have, you'd probably make the edit to instead.

Now you have a choice. If PRODUCT_PACKAGES was previously defined, you can add a value like this:


The += part means to append it to the list.

Or, if it's simpler, you can just add it to the end an existing PRODUCT_PACKAGES list of projects by appending a "\" to the last item and then adding MyPackageName at the end. Notice that you can't put any commented lines (ie, lines starting with #) or even blank lines in the list of items to be built.

So if the list looks like this...

lights.grouper \
audio.primary.grouper'd add it to the end:

lights.grouper \
audio.primary.grouper \

If the source for your app does not have the makefile stuff, you'll need to add it. You can use any of the existing packages in packages/apps as a model for what needs to be done to build your particular app.

See here for official documentation on Android .mk files.