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These instructions are for those who have previously installed CyanogenMod on their device and who have a recovery such as ClockWorkMod recovery installed as well.

Use the CM Updater (CM10 and newer)

If you use the Google Apps addon (gapps) and are updating between versions where your old gapps is not compatible (e.g. upgrading CM 10.1 to 10.2), it is recommended you apply the update manually in recovery, because you need to flash an updated gapps package. If you do not use gapps or are upgrading a more minor version release, automatic upgrading is recommended.

To update CyanogenMod automatically:

  1. Ensure you've saved everything important, as doing an update requires the system be restarted.
  2. Go to the Settings, and then under About this [device], you should see a menu for checking for and installing updates.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the update.

Updating Manually


These instructions should be accurate, but are a bit vague and could use some help. Feel free to fix it either by including better instructions located elsewhere, or by fixing it directly. Then remove this message!

To update CyanogenMod manually:

  1. Download the new version of CM for your device. The file should typically have a name ending in .zip
  2. Hold down the power button on the device, then choose the Reboot into Recovery option. The device should reboot.
  3. Different recovery images provide slightly different menu systems, so these instructions will have to be generic. If you have installed CM previously, the options in the recovery menu should already be familiar.
    1. If you are doing a major update (such as from CM 7 to CM 10) or wish to clear the device's data partion, select Clear data partition or Factory Reset (depending on the recovery menu you are using)
    2. Next, you must locate the file ending in .zip that you downloaded previously. Typically, this file will have been downloaded to the /sdcard/ partition. However some browsers may put it in different places, such as in a /sdcard/download folder. Additionally, you may have downloaded it on your computer and have pushed it (using adb push filename.zip /sdcard/ to the device). Regardless, you want to use the recovery menu to select an option to flash the .zip file from sd, then locate the .zip, then say "yes" if asked about flashing.
    3. If you did not do a factory reset, you may optionally choose to clear the cache.
    4. Now select the option to restart the system, and hopefully it will have worked!

You, Updating, and Your Recovery


This mainly pertains to the B&N Nook HD, but there may be other exceptions, so feel free to add to this section

The B&N Nook HD and maybe other devices, require you install a newer version of CWM in order to install, or update to CM 11. For the B&N Nook HD, refer here http://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Install_CM_for_hummingbird

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