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CyanogenMod User Help

We have written several end-user support articles to help you familiarize yourself with CyanogenMod and its operation.

Getting Started

ClockworkMod Recovery

How To Use CM

Your Computer And CyanogenMod

Modifying CM

  • "Bare Bones" Device Guide - If your device has very little internal storage, this (older wiki) guide may help you determine which system apps you can safely delete to preserve space.

Concepts & Vocabulary


Additional Support

Having an issue getting CyanogenMod on your device? Stumped on how to get past a build error? Need to report a bug? Use the links below to connect with other CyanogenMod users.
Support is provided on official CyanogenMod Stable and Release Candidate builds only.

Even More Help

  • Community - Meet the gang and learn about CM culture, get-togethers, and more.