Known Issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100")

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This page lists known issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100"). It can be updated by users and maintainers, but please read the guidelines below first! Help in keeping this page clean is appreciated. If a report clearly violates the guidelines, feel free to delete it.

Note: Guidelines for posting a known issue

If you expect a device maintainer to spend time debugging and fixing an issue, the least you can do is spend a little time putting together a proper bug report! For the current branch of CyanogenMod (CM-11.0), you must accompany a reported issue with a link to the JIRA bug report. Issues that are not linked to a proper bug report will be deleted. For older branches of CyanogenMod, JIRA bug reports are not necessary; but, be sure an issue is reproducible by others and after a clean install of CyanogenMod. Please describe issues clearly when adding them to this page.

Start a new line after the last issue reported and begin it with a * character.

  • Good example: *The camera does not focus ([ JIRA Issue CYAN-0000])
  • Bad example: GPS doesn't work in nightly

CyanogenMod 11

  • YouTube videos are pixelated: Bug CYAN-4328 (see the bug report for a workaround).
  • When using certain file systems (e.g. FAT32), problems appear with accessing the SD card (both internal and external). Symptoms include music playback randomly stopping after some time or errors when copying larger amounts of files (e.g. backups). As a workaround, the (internal and/or external) SD card can be formatted with exFAT. Bug CYAN-5003 This bug affects all KitKat ROMs, not only CyanogenMod.

CyanogenMod 10.2

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Apps "DailyRoads Voyager" or "AutoGuard" (require filming) crash and disable camera. Requires reboot to re-enable camera.
  • From nightlies dated 20140105 or later, the SC-02C (Japan NTT Docomo) model is supported via asserts. Flash wjchen0's GPS fix to fix GNSS direction inversion on this variant.
  • Sound Lags While Streaming Videos

CyanogenMod 10.1

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Screen auto rotate doesn't work sometimes. Not all phones seem to be affected.
  • 3G internet connection tethering through USB cable doesn't work (workaround: use JB WiFi Tether)
  • The Camera tile from the Quick Settings panel is unable to start the camera application.
  • From time to time, the phone uses the default ringtone instead of the one associated with the contact making the call.
  • Occasionally, the Google Play app displays an error message Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. and a reboot is required to fix it.
  • Automatic Brightness is not working (no adjustments whatsoever), although the data read from the light sensor in different light conditions varies (verified in Androsens).
  • Sound Lags While Streaming Videos