Known Issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100")

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This page lists known issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100"). It can be updated by users and maintainers, but please read the guidelines below first! Help in keeping this page clean is appreciated. If a report clearly violates the guidelines, feel free to delete it.

Note: Guidelines for posting a known issue

If you expect a device maintainer to spend time debugging and fixing an issue, the least you can do is spend a little time putting together a proper bug report! For the current branch of CyanogenMod (CM-11.0), you must accompany a reported issue with a link to the JIRA bug report. Issues that are not linked to a proper bug report will be deleted. For older branches of CyanogenMod, JIRA bug reports are not necessary; but, be sure an issue is reproducible by others and after a clean install of CyanogenMod. Please describe issues clearly when adding them to this page.

Start a new line after the last issue reported and begin it with a * character.

  • Good example: *The camera does not focus ([ JIRA Issue CYAN-0000])
  • Bad example: GPS doesn't work in nightly

CyanogenMod 11

  • Trebuchet FC on clean install
  • Sound Lags While Streaming Videos
  • 'AM' and 'PM' missing in 12-hour time display format (CYAN-4523)

CyanogenMod 10.2

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Apps "DailyRoads Voyager" or "AutoGuard" (require filming) crash and disable camera. Requires reboot to re-enable camera.
  • From nightlies dated 20140105 or later, the SC-02C (Japan NTT Docomo) model is supported via asserts. Flash wjchen0's GPS fix to fix GNSS direction inversion on this variant.
  • Sound Lags While Streaming Videos

CyanogenMod 10.1

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Screen auto rotate doesn't work sometimes. Not all phones seem to be affected.
  • 3G internet connection tethering through USB cable doesn't work (workaround: use JB WiFi Tether)
  • The Camera tile from the Quick Settings panel is unable to start the camera application.
  • From time to time, the phone uses the default ringtone instead of the one associated with the contact making the call.
  • Occasionally, the Google Play app displays an error message Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. and a reboot is required to fix it.
  • Automatic Brightness is not working (no adjustments whatsoever), although the data read from the light sensor in different light conditions varies (verified in Androsens).
  • Sound Lags While Streaming Videos