Known Issues with CyanogenMod for Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100")

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Note: About this page

Before adding issues to this page, be sure they are reproducible by others after a clean install (aside from the recommended Gapps package) of CyanogenMod. Please describe issues clearly when adding them to this page. Start your line after the last issue reported and begin it with a * character. E.g. *This is your text.

This page aims to be an up to date list of known issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S II ("i9100").

CyanogenMod 11

  • Trebuchet FC on clean install
  • Alarm cannot be set between 9-12 o clock.

CyanogenMod 10.2

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Apps "DailyRoads Voyager" or "AutoGuard" (require filming) crash and disable camera. Requires reboot to re-enable camera.
  • From nightlies dated 20140105 or later, the SC-02C (Japan NTT Docomo) model is supported via asserts. Flash wjchen0's GPS fix to fix GNSS direction inversion on this variant.

CyanogenMod 10.1

  • Routing audio through a dock isn't supported
  • TV-Out is non-functional
  • Screen auto rotate doesn't work sometimes. Not all phones seem to be affected.
  • 3G internet connection tethering through USB cable doesn't work (workaround: use JB WiFi Tether)
  • The Camera tile from the Quick Settings panel is unable to start the camera application.
  • From time to time, the phone uses the default ringtone instead of the one associated with the contact making the call.
  • Occasionally, the Google Play app displays an error message Authentication is required. You need to sign into your Google Account. and a reboot is required to fix it.
  • Automatic Brightness is not working (no adjustments whatsoever), although the data read from the light sensor in different light conditions varies (verified in Androsens).