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Google Apps are the proprietary Google-branded applications that come pre-installed with most Android devices, such as the Play Store, Gmail, Maps, etc. Due to licensing restrictions, these apps cannot come pre-installed with CyanogenMod and must be installed separately. The Google Apps are not required to boot or run CyanogenMod, however many users find them beneficial to take full advantage of the Android ecosystem.

These Apps have been packaged by a developer independent of CyanogenMod, and download links have been provided for your convenience. It is possible to perform a "backup" of the Google Apps on your device and then "restore" them, but this does take additional steps which are not covered here.

The Google Apps packages are NOT SUPPORTED in any way by CyanogenMod.


The packages below are for CyanogenMod 7 and above (or compatible Android builds based upon the same AOSP versions). These packages are DPI and architecture-independent, so you only need to match your OS version. In addition, only apps which are required to provide the basic Google frameworks are supplied to reduce the download size. "Missing" applications can be installed or updated from the Google Play Store.

Version Package
CM 12 20141212

Download: It Vends
md5: ba795d6a4261654648b0eb5cec019021

CM 11 20140606

Download: Torrent or via It Vends, AFH
md5: d840e20fba6f0e2b85d1aebe493a88fa

CM 11

Download: Torrent or via It Vends,, AFH
md5: ea0894b45481c4f56e7ea43a650150c9
Only for devices with "small" /system (under 500MB)

CM 10.2 20130813

Download: Torrent or via It Vends,, AFH
md5: 1f51b5cc6370c1f45dc951109b6ce6ed

CM 10.1 20130812

Download: Torrent or via It Vends,, AFH
md5: 5f22f046e37038a3856eeb825e73d4ed

CM 10 20121011

Download: Torrent or via It Vends,, AFH
md5: 4e9e7ec3c22b0b3471bd05d62b8a659d

CM 9 20120317 Download, Mirror md5:


CM 7 20110828 Download, Mirror md5:



The Google Applications packages should be installed via recovery. Exact steps vary, but the general process is the same as that used to install CyanogenMod, or any other flashable zip:

  1. Copy the gapps .zip-file to /sdcard/
    • Using adb: adb push /sdcard/
  2. Reboot your device to recovery via any one of these methods: 1) using the power-on key combo for your device; 2) running adb reboot recovery from your computer; 3) or via the Advanced Reboot power menu (enabled in Developer Options).
  3. Choose "install zip" from within recovery, and navigate to the zip-file loaded earlier.
  4. Reboot from recovery back to Android.


Google Apps packages are not generally supported by the CyanogenMod team, or by their distributors. The good news is that there is very little that can go wrong! If you are experiencing problems, try the following, in order, until everything works:

  1. Reboot your device
  2. Verify all apps are up-to-date in the Play Store
  3. Re-flash the Gapps package (via recovery)
  4. Wipe the /system partition and reinstall both CyanogenMod and Gapps (as long as if you don't wipe /data, your data will be preserved)
  5. Wipe /system, /data and /cache and reinstall both CyanogenMod and Gapps (this will delete all of your data, i.e. like you're starting from a clean slate)

If you still have problems consider googling for alternative Google Apps installation package.

Legacy Releases

Older versions of Android(pre-2.3) did not have a Universal Gapps package, so separate packages are provided for various DPI levels and architectures. Use the compatibility chart below to determine the appropriate package for your device & version, and then download using the links provided below.

Device Tiny MDPI Tegra HDPI
Commtiva Z71 X
Geeksphone One X
HTC Aria X
HTC Desire X
HTC Dream X
HTC Espresso X
HTC Evo 4G X
HTC Glacier X
HTC Hero X
HTC Incredible X
HTC Legend X
HTC Magic X
HTC Vision X
HTC Wildfire X
Motorola Droid X
Nexus One X
Nexus S X
Viewsonic G Tablet X
Version Package
CM 6 Tiny: 20101020

Download via or AFH
md5: bf7b653a4320dc33b15ad945a41cd56c
MDPI: 20110501
Download via or AFH
md5: c97b8375ca53148fb8281216a5e583ca
Tegra: 20101020
Download via or AFH
md5: 03e15f1fe1dd1bfd56eb6c67a64826e3
HDPI: 20101114
Download via or AFH
md5: bd6362e156c374ae8ce1f7b1c3dcd488

CM 5 Tiny: ERE36B

Download via
md5: 6ce87e782a4c261386760203851b227d
Download via
md5: 704b6fec245ff029e66f50bdb59d42cf

CM 4 Tiny: DRC83

NOTE: Flash DRC83 BEFORE CyanogenMod 4.2
Download via
md5: 081379e9b525484bcd1ee42bd0031a4c

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