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Some of the apps that come with your phone can be safely removed without causing stability issues. They take up space and use resources that could be used for other things. Removing unwanted apps will theoretically make your phone run faster and smoother, plus, you can configure your phone just the way you want it.

Below is a chart that shows what apps might come pre-installed in CyanogenMod. You can delete any app that shows 'yes' under 'Remove'; However, if you delete an app, you will no longer be able to use its functionality until you reinstall it. So, for example, if you never listen to music on the device, it is perfectly safe to remove Music.apk. However, you will need to reinstall Music.apk if you ever do want to listen to music on your phone.

Backup apks

You should back up any apks that you plan to remove. That way, you can easily re-install them if you change your mind. You have two main options:

  • Nandroid backup from the recovery console, or
  • Manual backup with
$ adb pull /system/app/ ~/Desktop/app/

How to find applications

To find what apps are installed on the device, you will need to run the following, either in adb shell, or the device's term:

$ ls /system/app


$ ls /data/app

You can also list installed packages using the package manager, either in Terminal Emulator or via adb shell:

$ pm list packages

To see a list of installed packages along with their associated files:

$ pm list packages -f

At a lower level, you can pull the packages.xml and the packages.list files using adb and examine them directly to determine what is installed and what the related .apk file is called and where it is stored. packages.xml will show you the package name and the .apk file installation path and name. In packages.list you can look up the package name and locate the data path. Both of these files will tell you a great deal more, these are the things that pertain to the present article.

$ adb pull /data/system/packages.xml
$ adb pull /data/system/packages.list

Generally, any apps you install from the market or otherwise manually install will be in /data/app, while any apps that come pre-installed will be in /system/app.

How to remove applications

Remember to watch the case of all files, directories, apk names, and package names!

Case matters. Example.apk and example.apk are two different things.

To remove applications you can use aps on the market Titanium Backup, ROM Toolbox Pro, ES File Explorer or do it through ADB First of all you restart adbd as root

$ adb root


/system apps /data apps
$ adb remount
$ adb shell rm -f /system/app/<apk name>.apk
$ adb uninstall <package name>

Term (on device)

/system apps /data apps
$ su
$ mount -o rw,remount /system
$ rm -f /system/app/<apk name>.apk

$ su
$ mount -o rw,remount /data
$ rm -f /data/app/<apk name>.apk
$ pm uninstall <package name>

How to reinstall applications

Change your mind? No problem! You have two options, depending on how you backed up your files:

  • Restore your Nandroid backup from the recovery console, or
  • Manually restore your app with
$ adb install ~/Desktop/app/<apk name>.apk

List of Default Apps for each version of Cyanogenmod

CM 13 app list

APK name Package name Label Remove Description Version
AntHalService.apk com.dsi.ant.server ANT HAL Service yes Service designed for various ANT/ANT+ devices like heart rate monitors, fitness equipment etc. 4.0.0
AudioFX.apk com.cyanogenmod.audiofx AudioFX yes Audio equalizer. 1.4.0
BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk yes UI for the backup confirmation dialog when issuing "adb backup" command. Remove it if you don't use adb to backup your device. 6.0.1
BasicDreams.apk Basic Daydreams yes Customizable screensaver. 6.0.1
Bluetooth.apk Bluetooth Share yes After removal, Bluetooth won't turn on. 6.0.1
BluetoothExt.apk org.codeaurora.bluetooth Bluetooth extensions yes Service used for file sharing, handsfree equipment, Bluetooth modem and SIM adapter. 6.0.1
BluetoothMidiService.apk Bluetooth MIDI Service yes Service used for connecting your device with musical instruments, stage lighting and other time-oriented media via Bluetooth. 6.0.1
Browser.apk Browser yes Safe to remove as long as you install another browser. 6.0.1
Calendar.apk Calendar yes Calendar app. 6.0.1
CalendarProvider.apk Calendar Storage yes Syncs your phone calendar with Google Calendar. Necessary for notifications too. 6.0.1
CallLogBackup.apk Call Log Backup/Restore yes Backup and restore your call logs (history). 6.0.1
CaptivePortalLogin.apk CaptivePortalLogin yes A service used for displaying a special web page that is shown before using the Internet normally. Remove this if you don't use public Wi-Fi networks. 6.0.1
CarrierConfig.apk yes Modifies carrier configuration. 1.0.0
CellBroadcastReceiver.apk Cell Broadcasts yes Remove this if you don't want to receive alerts for severe and extreme threats to life and property. 6.0.1
CertInstaller.apk Certificate Installer no Without this, you won't be able to grant apps some special permissions and access certain files and directories. 6.0.1
CMFileManager.apk com.cyanogenmod.filemanager File Manager yes Default file manager. Can be replaced by another one. 3.0.0
CMSettingsProvider.apk com.cyanogenmod.cmsettings CM Settings Storage no Contains CM specific preferences in System, Secure and Global. 6.0.1
CMUpdater.apk com.cyanogenmod.updater CM Updater yes Remove it if you are upgrading through Recovery. 2.3
CMWallpapers.apk com.cyanogenmod.wallpapers CM Wallpapers yes Remove it if you don't need the "No wallpaper" option. 6.0.1
com.qualcomm.location.apk com.qualcomm.location LocationServices yes I haven't encountered any problems after removal. Though one user reported that he lost his GPS signal upon removing this. Create a backup just in case. 1.0
Contacts.apk Contacts no Managing contacts, groups, favorites etc. 6.0.1
ContactsProvider.apk Contacts Storage no Contacts sync. 6.0.1
DefaultContainerService.apk Package Access Helper no Unpacks installation APK files. 6.0.1
Dialer.apk Phone no Making phone calls. 2.21
DeskClock.apk Clock yes Remove it if you want to use another clock/alarm app. 4.1.0
Development.apk Dev Tools yes Tools and tests for developers. 1.0
DocumentsUI.apk Documents no Necessary for accessing Downloads app. 6.0.1
DownloadProvider.apk Download Manager no If removed, download functionality won't work in Google Play and the default browser. It will work in Chrome and possibly other browsers, although a notification icon in status bar might not show. If you don't use Google Play for whatever reason, you can remove this app and use another download manager. 6.0.1
DownloadProviderUi.apk Downloads no Downloads app. 6.0.1
Eleven.apk com.cyanogenmod.eleven Music yes Remove it if you want to use another music player. 2.0
Email.apk Email yes Remove it if you don't use a local email server. 6.0.1
ExactCalculator.apk Calculator yes Calculator app. 6.0.1
Exchange2.apk Exchange Services yes Provides sync for Email app. 6.0.1
ExternalStorageProvider.apk External Storage no Grants apps access to external storage. 6.0.1
FMRadio.apk FM Radio yes FM Radio app. 2.0
framework-res.apk android Android System no Android system service. 6.0.1
FusedLocation.apk Fused Location yes Necessary for proper GPS functioning. 6.0.1
Galaxy4.apk Black Hole yes Live wallpaper. 1.0
Gallery2.apk Gallery yes Remove it if you use another photo gallery. 1.1.40030
HoloSpiralWallpaper.apk Holo Spiral yes Live wallpaper. 6.0.1
HTMLViewer.apk HTML Viewer yes Lets you view HTML files on your device. 6.0.1
InputDevices.apk Input Devices yes Default AOSP keyboard layout settings. 6.0.1
KeyChain.apk Key Chain no Credential manager for various Google services. 6.0.1
LatinIME.apk Android Keyboard (AOSP) yes Stock Android keyboard. Safe to remove if replaced by another keyboard. 6.0.1
LiveWallpapers.apk Android Live Wallpapers yes Remove it if you don't use live wallpapers. 6.0.1
LiveWallpapersPicker.apk Live Wallpaper Picker yes Remove it if you don't use live wallpapers. 6.0.1
LockClock.apk com.cyanogenmod.lockclock cLock yes Clock widget with weather. 3.4.1
ManagedProvisioning.apk yes Customizes the profile/device owner provisioning flows with corporate colors and logos. 6.0.1
MediaProvider.apk Media Storage no Needed for accessing media files (including ringtones). 6.0.1
messaging.apk Messaging yes Make sure you install another messaging app before removing this. 1.0.001
MmsService.apk Messaging Service yes Necessary for receiving SMS/MMS. Some messaging apps won't require this service, some will. Create a backup just in case. 6.0.1
NoiseField.apk Bubbles yes Live wallpaper. 1.0
org.cyanogenmod.platform-res.apk cyanogenmod.platform CyanogenMod System no CyanogenMod system service. 6.0.1
PackageInstaller.apk Package Installer no Used to manually install APK files (outside of Google Play). 6.0.1
PacProcessor.apk PacProcessor no A service for handling proxy auto-config files. Some users stated that after deleting this, their device started to malfunction until eventually they couldn't go beyond boot animation. 6.0.1
PhaseBeam.apk Phase Beam yes Live wallpaper for developers. Remove it if you also removed Dev Tools. 1.0
PhotoPhase.apk org.cyanogenmod.wallpapers.photophase PhotoPhase yes Live wallpaper. 1.0.11
PhotoTable.apk Photo Screensavers yes Screensavers with your own pictures. 6.0.1
PicoTts.apk com.svox.pico Pico TTS yes Text to speech engine. 1.0
PrintSpooler.apk Print Spooler yes Interacts with the printer and orders the print jobs in your queue. 1.0
Profiles.apk com.cyanogenmod.profiles Profiles Trust Provider yes A trust agent used so that system profiles can better lock/unlock your device when you switch profiles. 6.0.1
Provision.apk yes Runs on first boot. Conflicts with "SetupWizard.apk". 6.0.1
ProxyHandler.apk ProxyHandler yes 6.0.1
Screencast.apk org.cyanogenmod.screencast Screencast yes Screen capture app.
Settings.apk Settings no Settings app. 6.0.1
SettingsProvider.apk Settings Storage no If removed, it may cause app crashes. 6.0.1
SharedStorageBackup.apk yes Performs a backup of shared-storage file systems. 6.0.1
Shell.apk Shell yes Error messages. 6.0.1
StatementService.apk Intent Filter Verification Service yes 1.0
Snap.apk org.cyanogenmod.snap Camera yes There are many alternatives in Play Store. 2.0.002
SnapdragonCamera.apk org.codeaurora.snapcam Snapdragon Camera yes There are many alternatives in Play Store. 2.0.002
SoundRecorder.apk Sound Recorder yes There are many alternatives in Play Store. 6.0.1
Stk.apk SIM Toolkit no A set of commands which define how the card should interact with the outside world. 6.0.1
SystemUI.apk System UI no Android user interface. 6.0.1
Telecom.apk Phone Call Management no A screen that shows when dialing. 6.0.1
TelephonyProvider.apk Phone and Messaging Storage no If removed, you won't receive any calls. 6.0.1
TeleService.apk Phone Services no 6.0.1
telresources.apk yes Not sure what this is for, but it didn't create any problems when frozen. 6.0.1
Terminal.apk Terminal yes Offers local shell access. 6.0.1
ThemeChooser.apk org.cyanogenmod.theme.chooser Themes yes Installing CM themes. 1.0
ThemesProvider.apk org.cyanogenmod.themes.provider Themes Provider yes Necessary for proper functioning of Themes. 2.0
TimeService.apk com.qualcomm.timeservice com.qualcomm.timeservice yes Safe to remove. 6.0-980725103d
Trebuchet.apk com.cyanogenmod.trebuchet Trebuchet yes Default launcher. 6.0.1
UserDictionaryProvider.apk User Dictionary yes "Personal dictionary" option in "Settings > Language & Input". Used with Android Keyboard (AOSP). If removed, Settings app may crash after modifying keyboard-related preferences. 6.0.1
VpnDialogs.apk VpnDialogs yes VPN app. 6.0.1
WallpaperCropper.apk yes Wallpaper cropping tool. 6.0.1
WAPPushManager.apk yes Tethering connectivity. Remove it if you don't use tethering/access point mode. 6.0.1
webview.apk Android System WebView yes System component powered by Chrome that allows Android apps to display web content. Remove it if you don't need in-app web content.

Google Apps list for CM 13

APK name Package name Label Remove Description Version
ConfigUpdater.apk ConfigUpdater yes Automatically updates certificates, firewall configuration, premium SMS list (you'll be warned if an app sends a premium SMS), time zone information and SELinux configuration. 6.0.1
FaceLock.apk Trusted Face yes Unlocks your phone using camera. 6.0.1
GoogleBackupTransport.apk Google Backup Transport yes Backups settings on Google servers. 6.0.1
GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk Google Calendar Sync yes Google Calendar sync. 5.2.3-99827563-release
GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk Google Contacts Sync yes Syncs your contacts with Google account. 6.0.1
GoogleFeedback.apk Market Feedback Agent yes Allows other apps to call it and ask you to provide market feedback. 6.0.1
GoogleLoginService.apk Google Account Manager no Google login system. Disables Google account functions. 6.0.1
GoogleOneTimeInitializer.apk Google One Time Init yes Runs on first boot. Conflicts with "Provision.apk". 6.0.1
GooglePackageInstaller.apk Package Installer yes Used to manually install APK files (outside of Google Play). 6.0.1
GooglePartnerSetup.apk Google Partner Setup no Runs application in conjunction with Google products. 6.0.1
GoogleServicesFramework.apk Google Services Framework no Provides account/login information to Google apps. 6.0.1
GoogleTTS.apk Google Text-to-speech Engine yes Powers applications to read the text on your screen aloud. 3.8.16
Phonesky.apk Google Play Store no Browse and install various Android apps. 6.4.13.C-all [0] 275-4070
PrebuiltGmsCore.apk Google Play services no Services necessary for proper functioning of Google Play. 8.7.03 (2645110-430)
talkback.apk Talkback yes Helps blind and vision-impaired users interact with their devices. 4.5.0 Beta