Known Issues with CyanogenMod for the HTC One (GSM) ("m7ul")

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This page lists known issues with CyanogenMod for the HTC One (GSM) ("m7ul"). It can be updated by users and maintainers, but please obey the guidelines! Help keep this page clean; if a report violates the guidelines, delete it.

Note: Guidelines for posting a known issue

  1. For CyanogenMod 11 and newer, you must accompany a reported issue with a link to the JIRA bug report. Issues that are not linked to a proper bug report will be deleted.
  2. For older branches of CyanogenMod, JIRA bug reports are not necessary; but, be sure an issue is reproducible by others and after a clean install of CyanogenMod.
  3. Please describe issues clearly when adding them to this page.

Example: *The camera does not focus ([ CYAN-0000])

10.2 Issues:

  • IR sensor currently not supported.
  • Front camera red or green tint in photos.
  • Camera picture quality generally lower than stock Sense camera quality.
  • Bluetooth AD2P music dropouts for 1/2 second every minute or so. Issue seems to depend on Bluetooth receiver device in use.
  • Received group MMS messages cause Messaging app to force close in some cases for certain users. Other users report not issues with MMS.
  • In-call loudspeaker hiss/low quality/low volume .
  • Random reboots reported by some users.
  • MTP not working on Ubuntu 13.10.