Known Issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) ("jfltetmo")

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This page lists known issues with CyanogenMod for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (T-Mobile) ("jfltetmo"). It can be updated by users and maintainers, but please obey the guidelines! Help keep this page clean; if a report violates the guidelines, delete it.

Note: Guidelines for posting a known issue

  1. For CyanogenMod 11 and newer, you must accompany a reported issue with a link to the JIRA bug report. Issues that are not linked to a proper bug report will be deleted.
  2. For older branches of CyanogenMod, JIRA bug reports are not necessary; but, be sure an issue is reproducible by others and after a clean install of CyanogenMod.
  3. Please describe issues clearly when adding them to this page.

Example: *The camera does not focus ([ CYAN-0000])