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i have a samsung double time and i would love to get a customize os to be able to use the feature

entry level questions & purposes

I have a tablet (Craig CMP 741e Android 4.0.3), That does not respond well (10-20 sec. system hangs, 30 sec.-30 min. http-browser bangs), Yet it's fast (1.20 GHz on most apps, 1.15 GHz benchmark, 1.10 GHz on one crashy app), And many apps do well (streams youtube video HD 800x444, shoutcast audio at 320 kHz, b.g.), But, not, the http-browsers (Firefox 22, Dolphin Beta, &c.), and especially-not the http-embedded youtube;

So--I'm pondering how to fix the hangs and bangs, And just how a ROM-upgrade can work...

But--'nobody speaks directly on the web', so--

How do I get an upgrade for Android 4.0.3, Can a processor (Allwinner A10) upgrade to 4.1 by changing its ROM, Can a ROM-upgrade load in parallel to the present ROM, Can the old ROM always be restored in case of no-upgrade, Will the ROM-upgrade avoid the 'mistakes' that resulted in system-hangs,

Or, is the problem really only a system-app-load design botch--that should be corrected at the app level?

mtk6589 device

i have an android 4.2.9 single micro sim phone from china with the mtk6589 it has been rooted there a CM rom android4.3 for this device